Jowee Alviar

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Co-Founder of TeamManila Graphic Design Studio

Jowee Alviar paints his vision of an abundant creative industry in the Philippines.

“I imagine the future of the Philippine creative industry to really be a flourishing industry, contributing to the economy of the Philippines, also giving a lot of jobs to Filipino creatives.“

But getting there requires working together. 

“Hopefully with the government, individuals and institutions working together to promote the creative industry, it will happen.” 

“On our own private capacity we try to share our knowledge, share that dream and passion that in the future, graphic design will be a flourishing and very robust industry. Any chance to talk to kids or talk to students in school or talk to professionals, we share the vision and image,” he adds.

“We also have an association that recently started called Creative Design Association of the Philippines or CDAP whose main purpose is to develop this industry. So things are moving along towards our goal.”